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About: Power Rangers Infinity is an online role-playing game that takes place one year after Power Rangers Dino Thunder. The players take in the role of the ranger of their choosing from any of the Power Ranger series, except for Power Rangers SPD. Villians and non-Ranger characters will be allowed as the game progresses, but for right now they are not. The playing will take place over Livejournal and AOL Instant Messanger. The Livejournal aspect is your characters thoughts, in first person, about what is happening. These will be able to be read by other characters. The actual action portion will take place over IM. The focus of this game is on action-based plots, character development and story telling.

Story: One year after the Dino Thunder Rangers defeated Mesagog, a new force decended upon Earth. Mountains that were not volcanic erupted, buildings melted into liquid, cars turned into evil robotic creatures, the entire world seemed to be transforming into something sinister. Lurking in the shadows, a group known as Domination set out to turn the world into chaos and use it as a guinea pig for their evil scientific experimentation. Lead by the mysterious Xanex, they were scientists who grotesquely transformed themselves into beings of power using twisted technology and gene manipulation.

However, there is hope. With the arrival of Domination came the increased output of the universal morphing grid, which enabled all of the Power Rangers of the past to be able to morph once more. Setting up base in a newly built Power Chamber, a structure large enough to be a small city, they gather once more to defeat the evil threatening their world. However, none are aware as to who is the force behind their revival and who gathered them together. They do know one thing though, that evil doesn't stand a chance when their powers unite!


1.Do unto others: Meaning don't be a complete asshole. Any qualms with someone else should be brought to the moderator. Period.

2. The Moderator is your God now: Whatever the mod says, goes. If you think the course of the storyline is straying or you don't agree with the mod's decisions, you are always welcome to voice this in a mature way. However, when it comes down to it, a mod's decision is final.

3. No Mary-Suing/Gary-Stuing/Twinking/etc: I've thrown friends out of games for doing this. Basically, a good level of roleplaying should be maintained at all times. The minute your playing prevents others from enjoying the game, you will get a talking to. I don't just boot people from play, I always talk with them to help them improve. However, for serious offences, I may be less forgiving.

4. No "Played By's": You can't use an icon of Johnny Depp and try to pull of that he's Adam, nor can Keira Knightly be Katherine. If you are going to use pictures for icons or graphics, they should be of the original actors. http://www.rangergallery.com is a good source to start out at.

5. Don't use this game as a platform for your favorite slash pairing: Keep your fantasies to yourself. While romance and relationships will play into this game, the game is not all about sex. I will be watching any developing romances with a fine toothed comb to prevent this turning into a sex-crazed slash romp. If it doesn't seem canon to do so, then you shouldn't.

6.No Canon Raping: You are entering an agreement when you play a character that says you are actually familiar with said character. Kimberly is not going to be a computer hacker, Wes is not going to be a homeless guy, TJ does not have a twin brother, etc. Stay in character and when in doubt, refer to the original material.

7. Have fun: I demand this.

Cast of Characters

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Character Livejournal Player
Trini Kwan mmyellowranger Kris
Billy Cranston wolf_in_blue tanyad/Bleu_Woulfe
Kimberly Hart pinkninjetti Evelyn
Tommy Oliver docwhitetiger LilTigre
Rocky DeSantos red_rocky Tenchi
Zack Taylor _black_ranger Geron

Power Rangers Zeo
Character Livejournal Player
Jason Scott gold_ranger Ari
Adam Park zeorangerfour JLightstar

Power Rangers in Space
Character Livejournal Player
Zhane Jennings silver_in_space Brian

Power Rangers:Time Force
Character Livejournal Player
Trip Regis t1me_trippin Multi-Facets Wolfuchan

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Character Livejournal Player
Waldo "Dustin" Brooks powerofearth Adam D/Deevee

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder
Character Livejournal Player
Connor McKnight triassicred Trey "Colley" Tackett
Trent Fernandez drago_power Dee

Before you are accepted into the game you must fill out this application and send it to NoNeedForPirates(at)yahoo.com. Only after being accepted will you be allowed to play. Please make sure not to choose a character who has already been chosen. You will be allowed one (1) character at first, with the opportunity to play more as time goes on. Your character will only be allowed one set of powers, so if you plan on playing Tommy you must choose which Ranger form of his you want to play.


Name: What do you go by?
Character's Name: Their full name if possible
Ranger Identity: Include their color and which season they are from
Character's Age: This takes place one year after Dino Thunder. It takes place in real time, so the setting is 2005. MMPR came out in 1993. Some guessing and math may be needed, but it's basically considered that the Rangers were 16 when chosen by Zordon (they were able to drive at that time.)
Primary Weapon: Their main weapon
Secondary Weapon: Any additional weapons/blasters
Accessories: morphers, communicators, gadgets, etc
Special Attack: For this RP, each character will be allowed to have one super-move. If they already had one from the show, use that one. If they were never given one, you may make one up.
Zord: Please choose only one Zord.
Zord Information: The specs on said Zord.
Character's Strengths: Things the character likes or is good at doing
Character's Weaknesses: Things the character dislikes, is bad at doing or is afraid of
Additional Tidbits: Additional things that may be interesting to know about the character.
Character's History: Give us a short history of the character, from their birth as a Ranger to what they have been doing since then. Please keep canon in mind when writing this section.

Example of Roleplaying: Give me a one or two paragraph in either first or third person of an example of your roleplaying/writing abilities.

To get a better idea on what we're looking for, here's a sample application. Please post application information onto your character's Livejournal Info Page.

Name: Kristopher Moore/Tenchi
Age: 21
Character's Name: Trini Kwan
Ranger Identity: Yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger
Character's Age: 28
Primary Weapon: Power Daggers
Secondary Weapon: Blade Blaster
Accessories: Wrist Communicator, Belt Buckle Morpher
Special Attack: "Electric Tiger Blast" - Trini charges her daggers up with electrical energy and hurdles them at the enemy.
Zord: Sabertooth Tiger Zord
Zord Information: The Sabertooth Tiger Zord is very swift, clocking in at nearly 200 MPH when running at full speed on a flat surface. The primary weapon is a laser beam which comes from the tail of the Zord. Secondary weapons include fangs and claws. The Sabertooth Tiger Zord previously made one of the legs of the original Megazord.
Character's Strengths: Mantis Style Kung-Fu, Academics, Compassion, Journalism
Character's Weaknesses: Heights, Dishonest People
Additional Tidbits: Trini never moved back to Angel Grove after the end of the Peace Conference. She studied abroad in Switzerland and moved back to the United States in time for her first year of college.
Character's History: Trini Kwan was a very strong willed, passionate person despite her semi quiet personality. She cared deeply for many causes and stuck by her friends no matter what. It was no surprise then that she was one of the five teenagers originally chosen by Zordon to become a Power Ranger. As the Yellow Ranger, Trini fought using the power of the Sabertooth Tiger and then later the Gryffen to stop Rita Repulsa, Goldar, Scorpina and Lord Zedd from conquering Earth. Sometime later she was chosen as one of three teens to attend the Global Peace Conference in Switzerland, along with Jason and Zack. Relieved of her Ranger duties, Trini felt at home in Switzerland and met a boy who was there representing Germany, Markus Otto. The two fell fast in love and decided to stay in Switzerland to study abroad. However, during their senior year, Trini and Markus had a bad break-up and as a result, Trini starting longing for home. She soon enrolled at University of California and moved back to the United States. She was always the type of person who enjoyed getting people involved and making them aware, so she studied journalism in college. She graduated with honors and landed a job with the Stone Canyon Gauzette as their top writer. Through this medium she felt she could help the world become a better place, by informing the people and getting them active. During this time she fell in love with her photographer, Evan Parker, and was engaged to him for a brief time. However, the engagement was called off after two months when Trini caught him cheating on her with another woman. Still single, Trini continues to write for the paper while working simultaniously on a novel about her experiences as a journalist. However, she still doesn't quite feel as happy in life as she did when she was the Yellow Ranger and she longs for the chance to don the costume once more and help people as a Power Ranger.